The lady attire comes with the an elective pair of fingerless gloves and therefore started to out-of arms around this lady arms

Karin  |   20 mei 2023

The lady attire comes with the an elective pair of fingerless gloves and therefore started to out-of arms around this lady arms

Alexis’s build includes several levels regarding dresses and you will a number of out-of phrases. Represented this is actually the Duelist in full Obelisk Bluish regalia out of top, front side, and you may buttocks alongside feedback away from the woman direct off some other basics.

Alexis’ reputation framework are supervised because of the Kenichi Hara. The lady common outfit contains the quality sleeveless people Obelisk Blue uniform which consists of: a blue dress combined with a belt colored during the a light bluish shade, white socks, blue footwear, a good sleeveless coat made of bright white towel with many blue scratching in the collar as well as on the front top in the bust top.

The woman a lot of time, black blonde locks are periodically arranged, having a massive piece about the upper quiver the main nape from the woman shoulder. This lady has hazel vision. She sells a keen Academia Computer on her left case. During the their elderly year, she sells a beneficial Duel Disk which have blue skinny symbolizing the newest Obelisk Bluish dormitory on her leftover case.


Alexis tends to be most confident, sweet, compassionate, daring and strong-willed, but really she does not follow the audience neither does she value herself just like the much better than others like other regarding this lady Obelisk peers, even in the event she do let you know specific regard for them, (including during this lady duel which have Chazz).

Alexis is famous better for her charm, and some male emails from the inform you have indicated infatuation with her. Because she is the most beautiful lady for the Duel Academy while including a good duelist, she’s obtained the names “Madonna” and “King from Obelisk Bluish”. Although not, she actually is form, very humble and not prideful, and will not intentionally fool around with the woman appears so you’re able to the lady virtue, and that most likely attracts a man youngsters to this lady more. Syrus, Chazz, Pierre the new Casino player, Harrington Rosewood, and Bob Banter have got all received inside the duels and you will difficulties to have the girl affections. However, this lady has mentioned usually one she doesn’t want a date, hence has not been through with anybody’s demand for this lady.

Ironically, just like the series developed she actually set-up an excellent break into Jaden, whom try one of the few boys not to inform you infatuation together with her. Her smash for the your more and more became far more obvious and you may healthier even if she never had the new bravery to tell your. She ultimately planned to acknowledge this lady attitude so you’re able to your on prevent off event 162, however, establishes not to and instead merely states she was happy to possess fulfilled him.

Alexis have place by herself in peril to simply help the girl family members many times. She has strong confidence in her own Dueling event, but she will not act vain about it, rather than Chazz, Aster, and often Jaden. Alexis along with has a tendency to operate far more quiet and kepted than Jaden’s other family. She attempts to stand close to Jaden and you can service him within the beating worst regarding the show, but usually discovers by herself in some trouble and you may looking for their saving.

Shortly after Alexis forgotten their Duel in order to Chazz and you can is actually brainwashed on signing up for the newest Society off White, the girl identification altered considerably. She turned very rude, conceited and you will insulting on the Jaden together with others, and began generating sarcastic comments. She plus started initially to call Jaden good “dork” and you can “loser” and you will stating he is “score a new line”, and you can entitled Syrus and Hassleberry “dweebs”. She conversations back once again to the woman co-worker more frequently also. All this work concluded whenever Jaden beaten her and you may undid the woman brainwashing.


The girl and her brother’s surname has been created due to the fact “Tenjouin”, “Tenjoin”, and you will “Tenjyoin” when you look at the Roman characters. The woman given title on the Japanese type setting “tomorrow’s fragrance”, and you will this woman is entitled “Tomorrow Girl” from the Jim Crocodile Create. Her English term function “helper” otherwise “defender”.