The man inside Black work Sawyer that have a purpose

Karin  |   17 mei 2023

The man inside Black work Sawyer that have a purpose

“Recon” ’s the 8th episode of 12 months six from Lost in addition to 111th brought hours of series total. It was to start with transmit for the .

On the Isle

Away from Claire’s hut, Sawyer gets Jin and you can says to him you to definitely Claire and Locke told you that they will be back by sunrise. d Jin desires these to escape here, but Sawyer claims he is that have Locke. Jin says to him that it’s not Locke, and you will Sawyer feedback he knows, but will not care and attention whom he is, as long as he can have them off the Island. Jin says the guy would not get-off in the place of Sunshine. Sawyer guarantees if she’s truth be told there they won’t log off as opposed to the girl. As they chat, the guy for the Black in his Locke setting leads their group into camp. You can find twenty-two of those in every, in addition to Sayid and you will Kate. d

In her own hut, Claire packages a number of property and you may goes toward the fresh cradle so you’re able to tuck-in the make-carry out bones toy away from Aaron. Kate is available in and you can requires Claire what is actually on cradle. Claire reactions that it is most of the she is had. The guy within the Black calls folk along with her. He states he understands he has inquiries in which he will generate caribbeancupid tanışma sitesi himself available, but not now. The guy would like to take advantage of sunlight while having swinging. Cindy wants to know what taken place to the people which stayed from the Temple. The person in the Black colored pauses in advance of stating that brand new black smoking murdered him or her. Zack actually starts to shout and you will “Locke” covers to help you your with his sister Emma so you’re able to spirits her or him. At the same time, Claire requires Kate’s hands and you will Kate reacts with uncertainty to this motion. Sawyer and Kate talk about the whereabouts of its members of the family. Kate requires your when the he’s today which have Locke. Sawyer informs the lady that he’s maybe not with individuals.

They trip up to “Locke” says there’s a cleaning in the future in which they’ll go camping having a few days. d Sawyer disrupts and you may asks while they are moving away from “which stone.” The man Inside Black try resentful from the disruption and you may implies that they speak privately. Immediately after aside, an angry Son in Black says to Sawyer he wants he hadn’t disturbed your. Sawyer sarcastically apologizes and you can asks exactly how “Locke” knew so you can save yourself individuals from “you to cigarette smoking situation.” The man during the Black claims he or she is brand new smoke matter. Sawyer is incredulous that every people was killed and asks why. The guy within the Black responses which he provided him or her the possibility to exit peacefully, nonetheless they failed to take it. The guy demonstrates to you that those some one experienced these were protecting the newest Island out of your, while all of the he wants to do are exit. According to him it is both “eliminate or even be slain,” and he does not want becoming killed.


They arrive on beach with a look at Hydra Island. The man into the Black colored says to Sawyer when planning on taking a keen outrigger to help you Hydra Area to do specific recon. He informs Sawyer which he can find Ajira Airline 316 more than truth be told there hence he’s got reason to believe that some of the latest Ajira individuals mean to-do her or him harm. Sawyer asks how to proceed if the the guy runs into dilemmas. The man within the Black tells your that he is not alarmed, while the Sawyer is the best liar he actually found. He says to Sawyer when he experiences individuals he is always to gain its faith, find out any they can then get back. When Sawyer asks what the function of the brand new recon is actually, the person inside Black colored states, “we become thereon plane, we fly of so it area, and now we never ever look back.” d Sawyer requires brand new outrigger off to Hydra Area and you may guides so you can select the airplanes. d The guy tickets brand new cages in which the guy and you can Kate were held prisoner and finds out clothes one to she dressed in during the time. The guy wistfully shows on their day truth be told there. d